5th Ward Plan

Residential Development

As a father of five lively children, Mustafa understands the rising cost of living.  Therefore, as a councilman, he will work to make sure that the 5th Ward provides high quality housing for all of its residents. Mustafa will work to support and make sure the 5th Ward benefits from the Mayor’s Initiative to give $450,000 in aid to first-time homebuyers and $1.3M in funding to assist homeowners with rehabilitation and repairs.

In addition, Mustafa will work to create the Ampere Innovation Zone, a hub for profit and nonprofit businesses, entertainment, and residential living. The goal is to transform the underutilized 4th Avenue and Ampere Business District, into a vibrant place to live, work, and play.


Since the closing of Columbia School in 2006, the 5th Ward has become the only ward without a public school.  As Vice President of the East Orange Board of Education Mustafa, has led the charge in building a coalition to make sure Columbia School reopens.  As councilman he will continue to fight for a state of the art learning institution for the children of the 5th Ward.

Mustafa will work with the Mayor’s Office and the Board of Education to develop more adult educational programs to assist local and global students in achieving educational and occupational goals.  Mustafa wants to make sure that 5th Ward families benefit and participate in city-wide programs and events such as:

  • Internships and Externship
  • Citywide Book Bag Giveaway, Coat and Toy Drive.
  • East Orange College and Career Readiness Network
  • Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiatives.
  • Summer Work Experience Program

Quality of Life

Jobs, health and human services, and neighborhood development are crucial in raising the quality of life for 5th Ward families.  In an effort to address foreclosures, Mustafa, as councilman, will work with his City Council colleagues and the Mayor’s Office to focus economic development efforts on finding workable solutions to address this crisis.

Mustafa and his 5th Ward Council colleagues, along with business and community leaders, will collaborate on establishing a 5th Ward Family and Senior Entertainment Collective.  Such collaboration will bring together different demographics of the 5th Ward to enjoy not only one another, but also our cultural diversity.  The collective will host trips, bus rides, day parties, community cook-outs and more.

Mustafa will work to make sure that we rebuild Columbia Park for our children with eco-friendly fire resistant material and create a new vibrant open space for the entire community.

As your representative in City Hall, Mustafa will fast track complaints and get results for residents through the Quality of Life Taskforce. This Taskforce is comprised of representatives from the Mayor’s Office, the Departments of Policy, Planning and Development, Property Maintenance, Public Works, Health and Human Services, Fire and Police. This will support Mustafa’s efforts to provide an accountability vehicle for 5th Ward residents.